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DynaQ Control - BBQ GURU Edition

Product Code: BBQDQC

High-tech digital temperature control device automatically tracks the internal temperature of food and controls your barbecue temperature like an oven. The results are tender, juicy and delicious every time. [more...]

The DynaQ features a brand-new, intuitively-designed, state-of-the-art, patent-pending Guru Status Light Ring. At a glance, you can get visual feedback on the status of your cooking temperature and the operation of the control.

Now, you can quickly and easily identify crucial cooking moments where your quick intervention could save the day.

Blue Outer Ring:
Constant blue indicates that your pit temperature has not reached your target cooking temperature. When you first start your cook, the blue light is effectively indicating that your barbecue grill is in the preheating phase.

Alternatively, if you've been cooking for a while and you see the blue ring re-appear, it could be an indication that you may be running out of charcoal.

Red Outer Ring with Pulse Indicators:
When the outer light ring turns red and pulses on the sides, this means that the DynaQ is running exactly as expected with the variable flow fan precisely maintaining your cooking temperature. When the entire outer light ring pulses red, this serves as a visual alarm so you'll know something has occurred and that it needs your attention.

The Smartphone App:
iOS or Android. The app lets you set target temperatures, view current cook temperatures, change your cook settings and have total control of your BBQ.


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