Caring for the environment

At Dukeshill we want to ensure that our impact on society and the environment is a positive one. We believe in producing wonderful food, but we also believe that we should produce it in a manner that doesn’t cost the earth.

As far as our meat is concerned we work closely with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming, and by keeping it local we minimise the environmental cost of transport as well as being kinder to the animals.

We also care about the other things, which can all make a big difference: we have built our production kitchens to be as energy-efficient as possible; we recycle waste wherever possible; we use recyclable packaging; we minimise paperwork... and we have had a great take-up of the cycle-to-work scheme, with a most impressive percentage of our colleagues leaving the car at home every day!

To view our Policy on Sustainability and the Environment in full, click here.