Kippers & Smoked Fish

Bridport Smoked Mackerel
Bridport Smoked Mackerel


Smokey and tangy with hints of pepper and memories of childhood fishing expeditions.
Smoked Eel Fillet
Smoked Eel Fillet


These eels come from the only eel merchant based in the UK, members of the sustainable eel group.
Pair of Craster Kipper Fillets
Craster Kipper Fillets - Pair


Delicious Craster Kipper Fillets.
Crasters Kippers - Pair
Craster Kippers - Pair


Considered by many to be the finest kippers available!
Smoked Trout
Sliced Beech Smoked Trout


This delicious smoked trout is made especially for us on the shores of Loch Lomond.
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