An important message concerning the current emergency.

Since the Covid-19 situation escalated and with the major retailers being overwhelmed by panic-buying, the last week or so has seen an unprecedented demand for online food.

At Dukeshill we have seen a huge surge in orders, and whilst we are pleased to be busy and eager to help those who are unable to get to the shops, we have to recognise that when demand stays at a level that we are not designed to handle for more than a few days, something has to give.

As a result, I wanted to explain a few things that you may notice when ordering through Dukeshill in the coming days:

Number of lines:

Our own production facilities, and those of our suppliers, are being stretched beyond their normal limits; consequently, we have taken the decision to reduce the number of lines we offer for the time being. We are trying hard to ensure that there is plenty of variety on offer, but if you find that a specific item is out of stock, please bear with us – there will normally be something similar to substitute.

Delivery dates:

Our ability to fulfil orders is also hampered by how many we can pack and ship each day. As a result, you will find that we have longer lead times than normal for delivery.

Delivery time slots:

Our carriers normally give a two-hour delivery slot for when they will deliver your order. I am sorry, but due to delivery staff shortages and sheer volume of drops, this service will not always be available. Please remember, we are able to deliver to a safe place without a signature.

Shelf Life:

We have guidelines, product-by-product, as to the minimum shelf life a product has once delivered to you. In some cases, as we seek to streamline our supply chain to minimise disruption, you may find that some items have less shelf-life remaining than is optimal. This will only be during the current emergency, and please be assured that almost all our products can be safely frozen on delivery should you not need to use them immediately.

Amendments to your order:

We are trying to strike the right balance between having enough staff to manage the business whilst maintaining their safety by not having more people at work than absolutely necessary. In some instances, we are having to make last minute substitutions to orders and occasionally cancelling some lines. We do not always have the resources to ring as our phone lines are so busy with incoming calls. Please be patient, and rest assured that you will be refunded for any items that are missing from your order.

Thank you for bearing with us during this unprecedented crisis. We are here to help.

Please stay at home, and stay safe.