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Whole Bone-In Shropshire Black Ham

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This flavoursome ham is a direct descendent of the historic Bradenham Ham, which originated in the kitchens of Bradenham Manor, Buckinghamshire in 1781. [more...]

Rumour has it that the butler fell out with his employer, Lord Bradenham, and moved to Wiltshire, taking the recipe with him. Thus the Bradenham Ham Company was born, and continued to manufacture delicious hams for almost 100 years. Sadly, the company’s fortunes waned, and the recipe was passed from business to business until production ceased. Though we weren’t able to acquire the name, we did manage to recreate the recipe, and so the Shropshire Black was born.

Like the York, this is a dry cured ham with a robust flavour and firm texture that develops during several months of maturation. What sets it apart, however, and gives the ham its distinctive black rind, is a fortnight spent wallowing in a special marinade of molasses, juniper berries and spices. This impressively full flavoured ham remains a favourite of connoisseurs seeking the ultimate taste experience.


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