Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

How many will a ham feed?

This is always a tricky one! So much depends on who is carving, what else you are serving, and of course, how hungry everyone is! As a rule of thumb however, we normally suggest that a large, whole ham (on the bone) of around 6kg will give sixty to seventy slices, a half ham or gammon horseshoe joint about thirty. These larger joints are perfect for family gatherings, special occasions or for holiday catering.

Our mini hams are a perfect size for the smaller household. Alternatively, why not consider our Gammon Selection Pack. Ideal for home freezing, this contains a selection of the finest uncooked gammon joints in a variety of sizes.

The one point to remember with ham is that it isn’t necessary to eat it all in one sitting. A ham will sit happily in your fridge for up to three weeks and will provide endless meals for family and friends. To quote a 1950’s brochure: “With a ham in the fridge, you never have to worry where the next meal will come from”. And ours keep for at least three weeks in the fridge! We believe that it is better to over-cater than run out!

Where should I keep my ham?

Let’s not fool ourselves; cooked ham, even traditionally cured Dukeshill Ham, is a perishable item. An uncooked, dry-cured ham might realistically be hung up for weeks in a cool larder / garage / shed (as long as it’s protected from flies and pests), but a cooked ham belongs in the fridge. The shelf-life label on your ham assumes that you will be storing it at below 5°C.

We recognise of course that (particularly at Christmas) fridge space can be at a premium. It is understandable that when competing with the turkey / goose / beef / gallons of chilling Fizz, the ham may find itself relegated to the car boot / potting shed / coal bunker. Mid-December, these places may well be as cold as a fridge, but we urge you to make some sensible decisions based on the ambient temperature at the time. A warm ham will not last as long as a cold one!

On a related subject, we recommend that as long as the vacuum pack is tight and unbroken, you can leave your ham in this until you are ready to use it. Once opened however, discard this bag and keep you ham in one of our ham storage bags or in greaseproof paper.

Can I freeze my ham?

This is the question we are asked more often than any other. The simple answer is almost always a resounding "YES".

Not only do we always use Bitish Pork but we produce almost everything fresh to order and send it to you fresh - definitely not frozen - so you can safely freeze almost all foods we offer. There are some rare exceptions and we always clearly mark products that cannot be frozen as: Not Suitable for freezing.

I want to send a gift

Fine food makes a wonderful gift at any time of year. Whether ordering online, by mail or over the phone, you will have the opportunity to leave a gift message. We are also delighted to enclose your own greeting card at no extra cost. Please write to us with your order, enclosing your card or message.

Corporate Gifts and Hampers?

We provide corporate gifts and hampers to many companies throughout the world for their UK customers and colleagues.

Is it safe to order from Dukeshill?

Yes it is because you are secured by our guarantee, "Our aim is always to exceed your expectations in terms of product quality, value for money and service. If we have fallen short of that standard, please let us know and we will be happy to send you a replacement or refund your payment as you prefer."

Is there a minimum order?

Don't worry, we do not have a minimum order. However, we do ask our customers to recognise the rising costs of insulated packaging and try to place larger orders where possible. Do you remember the old slogan, "Save water, bath with a friend!"? We wouldn't go quite that far but do suggest that sharing an order with a friend will save on both packaging materials and delivery fuel. And if you keep your orders over £100, you will not pay any delivery charges for delivery to Mainland UK addresses.

Do you send items abroad?

Basically, no. We have learnt that large perishable items do not lend themselves to overseas delivery. We will consider sending non-perishable abroad. Please contact our Customer Services staff and we will make arrangements, charging postage and packing at cost.

Do I have to be in to take delivery?

No. We instruct our carriers to leave your goods safely wherever possible if you are out. We do ask that wherever possible you give us some instructions to help the delivery driver find the most suitable place. If you are concerned that there is no obvious safe place (London streets are notorious!), why not have the goods delivered to work or a friend?