Wiltshire Ham - On The Bone

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Our most popular ham! Moist and tender with a lovely mild flavour! Cooked & ready to eat.

For many years our most popular ham, the traditional Wiltshire Cure is hugely different to the old fashioned dry cures, but properly done, it can still give a delicious result – moister and milder to be sure, and without the long keeping qualities of its dry cured cousins, but a very pleasant product nonetheless. 

Nowadays we still hear about some of the regional cures that developed over the decades. Two that are still well known today are the York Ham and the Wiltshire. In fact, Wiltshire is a county that has perhaps the longest association with the large scale production of Hams and Bacon.

We use the traditional Wiltshire Cure, and the Hams spend almost a week submerged in our own-recipe brine, before being taken out and allowed to mature for a further week. The resulting ham has a lovely mild flavour, and a moist, (but never wet!), texture. The addition of unrefined brown sugar to the recipe adds a subtle sweetness to this mild and delicious ham.

This ham is unglazed and lends itself very well to dressing or glazing, At home, we will usually oven-glaze it with our Honey and Mustard Ham Glaze. At other times we’ll coat it in breadcrumbs, marmalade or even chutney - whichever takes our fancy.

Wiltshire Ham can be enjoyed hot or cold and comes with an instruction booklet with tips on how to store, carve, and glaze.

Additional Details:
  • Half - min 2.6kg. Serves 15+
  • Small - min 4.8 kg. Serves 30+
  • Large - min 5.7 kg. Serves 35+
  • Freezes well for up to 3 months
  • Your ham will arrive cooked and ready for you to glaze or breadcrumb as you prefer. Glaze and breadcrumbs not included.
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I had the half Wiltshire ham and I must say it was the most perfect and delicious ham I have ever tasted in England!
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