Sarah's Easter Ham

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To complement perfectly this Wiltshire cured ham's sweet flavour Sarah has created a new citrus glaze with lemon, orange and grapefruit notes.

Spring-fresh with a touch of sweetness that suits the mellow tones of Wiltshire cured ham so well.

At just over 4lbs, Sarah's Easter Ham is a very convenient size - big enough for that special occasion but none will go to waste.

We've removed the bone for easier carving and will carefully select hams that are just the right size for a family celebration.

Glazed, cooked and ready to serve.
Additional Details:
  • Weight min 1.9Kg
  • Cooked, Glazed and Ready to Eat
  • Serving approx 25-30 generous slices
  • Leave hams in their vacuum packaging until you are ready to use them
  • Freezes well for up to 3 months
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Just the best we have ever eaten, well done to all those involved in the process - excellent.
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