Wafer Thin Wiltshire Ham - Two Packs

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Our most popular ham, sliced as thin as we can without losing a finger or two.

We use the Traditional Wiltshire Cure resulting in a lovely mild flavour, and a moist, (but never wet!), texture. The addition of unrefined brown sugar to the recipe adds a subtle sweetness to this mild and delicious ham.

Our Wafer Thin Wiltshire Ham is perfect for the daintiest of canapés or deli-style sandwiches. And as well as tasting wonderful, a little goes a very long way!

The packs are an ideal sized portion for a meal for two and are a great way to try our range before buying a full sized ham.

The sliced ham we offer is sliced from our own traditionally cured hams. There is no industrial processing and shaping of any kind involved. All you get is real ham, the way nature intended. This does mean that some slices are irregularly shaped, but in my view that just adds to the charm.
Additional Details:
  • Weight 2 x 150g
  • Shelf life approx 7 - 14 days - once pack opened use within 2 -3 days
  • Suitable for home freezing
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This is my favourite ham, sliced so thinly the pack seems to last for ages. So much flavour!
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