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Dukeshill Ham

I can trace my family tree back to the mid 1500s, where my illustrious forbear Thomas Hollingsworth could be found plying his trade as a pork butcher in Smithfield. Perhaps not the most exotic ancestor, but for me it provides a pleasing echo across the centuries and perhaps explains why I am now the sixth consecutive generation of my family to be engaged in the pursuit of producing fine food from the noble pig.

Dukeshill has changed over the years in many ways. We have outgrown the converted cowshed where we started, and alongside the family and friends who enjoyed the first hams that we produced and cooked in the kitchen, we now count the country’s finest foodhalls and thousands of households throughout the country. And as our Royal Warrant testifies, our hams are now found at the highest tables in the land!

Progress however has not affected the spirit of Dukeshill one jot. We are still every bit a family concern; my wife Sarah is responsible for creating many of the exciting products which we now make and my daughters are in on the act too, helping out when things get busy. We still dry cure hams entirely by hand, we still wait patiently - often for months - for the hams to be just right (we never sacrifice taste and quality for speed and efficiency) and we still believe that to make good ham you need happy pigs.

Our range of products has grown, and we love creating new products to tempt and delight, but our heart belongs to ham. And the care and craft that went in to curing the very first hams all those years ago is still alive in every single product that we make.

Neale Hollingsworth

Key to pictures:

1. We are a family company based in Shropshire - and we love what we do.

2. We know that only happy pigs make good ham. All our pigs are British, Red Tractor Farm Assured and reared with the highest regard for animal welfare.

3. Our team is highly skilled with many years of experience producing the finest English hams.

4. We use authentic, traditional recipes so you can be sure our products are full of flavour. We never add artificial flavourings or colourings and we don't add water to “bulk up” our meats.

5. We care about flavour and texture rather than speed and yield, so we always give our hams time to cure properly. We never take short cuts.

6. We work by hand, the old-fashioned way, because our produce tastes better when we do.

7. We produce our hams and other fine foods in small batches because it's quality, not quantity, that matters to us.

8. We care about our customers and do everything we can to help.

9. We deliver direct to to your door on a date of your choice - Tuesday to Friday only please. Your order will be packed carefully in an insulated box. Everything we produce carries our quality commitment which includes a money-back guarantee.
Dukeshill Ham
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