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The Dukeshill Difference

We are a family company based in Shropshire - and we love what we do! We make our hams, bacon, sausages and other products by hand, the old-fashioned way. We care about flavour and texture rather than speed and yield, so we always give our hams time to cure properly. We use authentic, traditional recipes so you can be sure our meats are full of flavour.

We know that only happy pigs make good ham. We only use British pigs which are reared with the highest regard for their welfare.

We never add artificial flavourings and colourings to anything we produce. We never add water to “bulk up” our meats.

Everything we produce carries our Quality Commitment and Guarantee.

General Product Guidance

Dukeshill offers a variety of fresh and ambient products, which include hams, cheese and Scottish smoked salmon. There are different ways of storing and using them so here are our top tips on keeping our products at their finest.

Please also browse over this months tasty Ham & Asparagus Fricassee recipe idea on the link below.

On receipt of your Order

Our products are securely packed to enable them to be sent to you by post or carrier. Although they are well able to withstand the relatively short spell that they spend on their way to you, chilled goods should be transferred to your fridge as soon as possible after receipt. Alternatively, if you wish to freeze any items from your order this should be done as soon as possible. See each separate product guide for their storage guidelines.

Generally speaking, products that have been vacuum packed are best left in their vacuum pack until you are ready to use them. Once the vacuum is opened however, the packaging should be discarded and the items re-wrapped in a more suitable material (again, see the product information links). When you first take products out of a vacuum pack you may notice a slight odour, this is perfectly normal.

Please note that any shelf-life quoted on chilled items is based on storage below 5C. If the items are stored above this temperature, or inadequately wrapped, or if they spend lengthy periods out of refrigeration (such as a ham on a buffet), their shelf-life could be shortened considerably.

Further Product Information

If you would like more detailed information about our products, please see the relevant pages as follows:
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